Energy Report© (Shift Update) February 1st, 2016

Tiffany Stiles


Dear Beautiful Souls!

Hello February! January seemed to just fly by didn’t it? Time is speeding up as past, present and future merge.

I can feel the waves of love energy rippling through the unified consciousness, but I am also feeling distress. There is so much going on it is affecting us on a profound level: We have the Parade Of Planets, Planet X and Extreme Solar Activity, to mention the three most contributing factors to this shift. CLICK HERE FOR RECENT SOLAR ALERT. I issued a solar alert yesterday morning which is Massive Shift coming in. In order for you to prepare for this you must clear and balance your chakra energy centers.

I am seeing a lot of people struggling with integrating with the higher vibrational energies coming in, if you are struggling you are blocking yourself and your body from increasing in vibrational ascension. We must work…

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The Worst Joke Ever And The Culture Of Shame


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For years, I have lived with a quiet shame within. I have suffered, certain I was alone in the world and that no one understood. Yes, for decades, the only joke I have ever remembered is The Worst Joke In The World.

I do not remember jokes. One of the nice things about being friends with me is that you can tell me the same joke over and over. I won’t remember the punch line. I’ll think you’re hysterical, unless you happen to tell me the one joke I do remember. That joke is my curse.

The joke is old, perhaps ancient. It is clean, but not politically correct. And it is sad. It ends with someone jumping to conclusions and reacting harshly. Its punch line is a play on words, perhaps the dumbest play on words conceived since words began playing. But the most insidious thing…

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DEEPLY AWAKE By Kathy Vik “Anniversary” 5-25-15

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake


Anniversary” 5-25-15

A lot’s changed in thirty years,” my boss told me recently, smiling, smug, even. It wasn’t a friendly meeting, and it ended with him reminding me in not so gentle terms that I am nearing my shelf life, as a nurse, as a worker. More and more dispensable.

I smile, when I hear such nonsense, and then, afterward, smoking outside and chuckling, that orange-purple, weighty, angry kind, and I shake my head and mutter, and smile, as the winds of so many deaths, so much pain relieved and suffering soothed, rush through me. Knowing I hold keys in my pocket to doors that man doesn’t know about.

There is nothing to get upset about, when I hear such folly. I have stood witness to much, and, I can tell you, the human body, its ways of expressing its…

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Kryon – The Triad, Charlottesville Main Channeling ~ May 17, 2015

I am following Kryon . These channelings resound in me <3…

Rose Rambles...

Kryon Globe

Humans are moving into a new energy which will affect our consciousness. Pretty awsome, huh? I think that all who are asking for answers about the state of our world, as well as answers about ourselves, are ready to listen to this recording by Kryon, as channelled through Lee Carroll.

So…get your answers here, set your ability to feel, and…


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